Feline Muscle Formula (GLM)

Introducing MYOS Feline Muscle & Joint Supplement: a proven blend of Fortetropin® and Green Lipped Mussel Powder for enhanced muscle strength, joint health, and mobility in aging or injured cats.



Fortetropin® Plus Green Lipped Mussel Powder: A Breakthrough in Feline Joint & Muscle Support

Enhanced Joint & Muscle Vitality: MYOS Feline Muscle & Joint Supplement introduces an innovative blend clinically validated to fortify muscle structure and promote joint well-being in cats.

Strength Amplified: Fortetropin®, derived from a patented process utilizing fertilized egg yolks, stands as a potent catalyst for muscle development. Ideal for bolstering leg strength and alleviating discomfort and inflammation in felines coping with muscle depletion due to aging, injury, or surgery.

Optimized Mobility: Harnessing the benefits of Green Lipped Mussel, this supplement fosters joint resilience, fluid movement, and suppleness. Its natural anti-inflammatory attributes aid in the regeneration of lost cartilage and tendons, mitigating associated joint discomfort.

Holistic Senior Care: Crafted from just two natural ingredients, our feline muscle and joint health supplement combat muscle atrophy and invigorate daily mobility and engagement in elderly cats.