About Paws in Motion

Hong Kong's first dedicated pet physiotherapy service

At Paws in Motion, our veterinary physiotherapy treatment programmes are designed by our experienced veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, Dr Jane McNae, and aim to improve the rehabilitation process, encouraging a more rapid return to mobility and enjoyment of life.

Home visits

Paws in Motion offers a mobile home visit service for Hong Kong clients.

Reduce stress

A home visit is especially important for pets who get stressed or nervous outside of their normal environment.

Comfortable environment

Avoiding unnecessary travel can benefit your pet, especially when their mobility is impaired after injury, surgery or with old age.

Adapt the environment

We help you implement therapeutic exercise and discuss any recommended modifications to the home environment.

Adapt the treatment

Home visits allow for individual adaptations in the programme design, to suit both you and your pet’s needs.

We are also able to treat your pet at your regular veterinary practice, especially if your pet is an inpatient after surgery. This depends on your veterinary practice and can be discussed.

Qualified and experienced

Physiotherapy requires a skilled and qualified technician to apply appropriate techniques and clinical reasoning to manage pain and restore movement in your pet.

Physiotherapy for pets must be overseen by a Hong Kong registered veterinary surgeon to ensure the correct and safe treatments are administered appropriately to ensure rehabilitation goals are met.

Pet physiotherapy

At Paws in Motion, our veterinary physiotherapy treatment programmes are designed by our experienced veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, Dr Jane McNae, and aim to speed up the healing process, encouraging a more rapid return to mobility and enjoy life again.

Meet Dr Jane McNae

Veterinary surgeon

Dr Jane McNae graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia and has worked as a Veterinary Surgeon for 20 years, with 14 of those spent in Hong Kong. She is a Member by examination of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery and has worked in emergency medicine in both HK and UK. She has examined, diagnosed and treated with medicine and surgery all the common conditions your pet may suffer.

Dr Jane has also worked extensively in the field of pet nutritional supplements and associated research in US and UK. From 2009 to 2014, she was the Course Director and Lecturer for the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, based in Hong Kong, delivering Asia’s first BSc (Hons) degree in Veterinary Nursing; a collaboration with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She currently teaches musculoskeletal and neurological anatomy to City University of Hong Kong's Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and is the Internal Moderator for the course. 

Canine rehabilitation therapist

Dr Jane is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, USA and has completed an Internship with the Rehabilitation service at the Animal Medical Center, New York. She also holds the Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy through the College of Animal Physiotherapy in the UK.

Experience counts

Combined, Dr Jane's experience can provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge to help your pet recover. That’s why Paws in Motion is the veterinary physiotherapy service Hong Kong veterinarians and clients recommend. We are ready to help your furry best friend get back to strength and enjoying life.

Meet RVN Mag So

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Mag So has an extensive interest in animals which led her to graduate from the University of Otago in New Zealand with a focus in Zoology. She spent a few years working with wildlife animals at Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden and developed an interest in husbandry and nursing of animals. She then completed a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing from Unitec, New Zealand. She has recently been registered under New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association as an Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

After working in small animal clinics, she gained a focus in working with animals collaborating between animals and children, to promote the development of both children and animals. Combining her passion for training and enrichment, she extended her interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals to ensure that the best care of animals is achieved.

Mag enjoys spending time with her family of dogs, cats and rabbit and strive for the community to gain a higher respect for animals.

Meet Miriam Yeung

Customer Care and Communications

Miriam Yeung ensures positive client experience through communicating with clients and the veterinary team. She manages everyday in-office administrative work and joins the team to meet clients and their furry companions from time to time. She is Human-Animal Bond certified and aims at providing effective communication between pet owners and Paws in Motion care team to help enhance the relationship between people and animals.

Miriam speaks fluent Japanese, besides Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She assists translations between clients and the team.  

Miriam cultivated her interest in animal welfare during her days in Australia. Since coming back to the city, she has been regularly volunteering at Hong Kong Dog Rescue to help walk dogs and keep the discipline within the shelter. She fosters dogs with LAP from time to time and enjoys bonding with her newly adopted puppy, Laurie. 

It is important to make sure we have the correct diagnosis before treating your pet. Your family vet

Veterinary referrals

It is important to make sure we have the correct diagnosis before treating your pet. Your family veterinarian will perform all the necessary diagnostic tests, X-rays or imaging and ensure that any required medical or surgical treatment is given. We liaise directly with your vet to obtain this information and to ensure any specific requirements are met and your pet receives continuity of care.

Client direct enquiries

If your pet is not under current veterinary care, that’s OK! Our veterinary surgeon and rehabilitation therapist, Dr Jane McNae, is happy to take on new patients and assess their needs. You are welcome to call, or better still, complete our pet registration form to provide some basic information about your pet so we can contact you to discuss recommendations and options.