Fundamentals & Essentials of Dog Massage

An Online Cantonese course from the experts in pet movement and mobility.
Provides you with a basic guide to dog massage and beyond with confidence.

Introducing at home pet massage for you and your furry companion.

The first online massage course by veterinary professionals delivered in Cantonese.

At Paws in Motion, we are experts in pet movement and mobility. Whether your pet is fit and athletic, or prone to stiffness due to old age, all dogs enjoy and benefit from relaxing massage to loosen up their muscles every so often.

Your Instructors

Dr Jane McNae

Dr Jane McNae

Meet our Director of Paws in Motion Veterinary Physiotherapy and Founder of Animal Integrated Rehabilitation & Fitness Academy, Dr Jane McNae. A veterinarian for 20 years, she is passionate about pet fitness, well-being, the importance of the human animal bond and brings all of this together by using education to help empower you to be your dog's hero!

Irena Tang, RVN

Irena Tang, RVN

Meet our trainer- Qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurse, Irena Tang, has gathered and summarised all the essentials of knowledge, experience and hands-on techniques to help you to provide massage to your dog at any life stage, in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Keeping pets relaxed at home!

Asko, Paw Star

Asko, Paw Star

Meet our Paw Star- Asko, the German Shepherd! Asko will never say no to a massage! 8 year old Asko has been a member of our Paws in Motion education team for several years. He has helped Dr Jane with training of veterinary nurses at City University (HK) with his guest appearances and clients by way of his most excellent videos. 

Strengthen your dog and reduce injury - Download our FREE core exercise guide now

Strengthen your dog and reduce injury - Download our FREE core exercise guide now

TASTER VIDEOS - get a feel for our course

To get a taste of our curated course, take a look at the taster videos below. Follow the link and discover how this course benefits you and enhances the quality of life of your furry friends.

The PAWS ESSENTIAL package - what's included

Learn all about the fundamentals and essentials of doggie massage! Gain access to 5 modules to streamline your learning experience. Topics include: Introduction to massage; Preparation for massaging your pet; Massage basics & techniques; Applying the techniques; and Additional manual therapies & top tips.

  • 5 modules with 27 short video lessons (2.5 hrs of content)

  • Step-by-step massage demonstrations

  • Access to printable notes and cheat sheets

  • Certificate from Animal Integrated Rehabilitation & Fitness Academy

  • Quiz questions to check your understanding

  • Become a member of our pet pawrents community

The PAWS PREMIUM package - what's included

Upgrade your learning package to PAWS PREMIUM which includes all the PAWS ESSENTIAL learning and keep your pet fit for life with the following additional perks.

Choose from 'Active Doggers' for your active pet or
'Senior Support' for those aging gracefully. 

Additional video

Additional video on anatomy and joint movement from our founder, Dr Jane McNae, Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Veterinarian

Free gift

Receive a free gift of Mobility (Senior Support) or Training (Active Doggers) product appropriate for your pet’s life stage

10% Discount

10% Discount on Mobility Support, Fitness Equipment or Action & Training products from our dedicated physiotherapy web-store within the first month of course sign-up

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The Fundamentals and Essentials of dog massage, a Cantonese course from Animal Integrated Rehabilitation and Fitness Academy. Prepares you a complete guide to dog massage and beyond with confidence.

HK$ 880 Discounted: HK$ 580


Our Premium pack offers a great upgrade on PAWS ESSENTIAL. Additional video, free product gift, and a 10% discount on life stage mobility or fitness products in our online store.

HK$ 1180 Discounted: HK$ 880

Be Your Dog's Hero

Massage benefits senior pets, pets in recovery from surgery and energetic pets. You can now learn the essentials of massage to help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation, reduce pain and stiffness and improve flexibility. Massage also enhances your bond with your pets and has a positive influence on the social and emotional health of your doggie.

Course Curriculum

Our course provides information and clear instruction to help you learn the do's and don'ts of pet massage. Delivered with all resources and videos in Cantonese, that are both easy to understand and achieve with your pet. Additional notes in English are also available.

Get a taste of our curated course- take a look at the module intro videos below.

Module 1 - Introduction to Massage

Discover how massage works and why it's beneficial to your pet's health. We also explore situations when massage should be avoided in your dog. 

Module 2 - Preparation for Massaging your Pet

Learn everything you need to know about the preparation for massaging your dog. From setting up the right environment to decoding how your dog feels and then how to calm your dog down.

Module 3 - Massage Basics and Techniques

This module explores the four basic techniques of massage; effleurage, petrissage, tapotement & skin-rolling. In this module, Irena will also show you how to differentiate muscle tone and recognise muscle trigger points.

Module 4 - Applying the Techniques

Explore how to use the massage techniques over different areas of your dog to perfect your skills. Irena covers what to focus on for the head and neck, back, front and back legs.

Module 5 - Additional Manual Therapies

In this four-part module, we will take your knowledge to the next level with several techniques for joint range of motion and muscles stretching of your pet.

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The Benefits of Massage

Stimulates Natural Healing and Relaxation
Enhances the Human-Animal Bond between you and your pet

Relieves pain and discomfort from muscle stiffness & tension
Improves muscle tone, joint flexibility & range of motion
Increases circulation of body fluids and promotes toxin removal
Reduces anxiety & stress, boosting relaxation
Enhances immune system function
Accelerates healing after surgery or injury
Eases the effects of aging and slows the degenerative process
Improves a dog’s feelings of trust & emotional well-being

Here at Paws In Motion, your pet's quality of life comes before anything else. If you find your doggie uncomfortable or in pain at any point, feel free to contact us HERE to arrange an appointment to examine them and ask any questions you have about massaging your pet.

If your pet is unwell, consult your veterinarian.

Designed and presented by experienced veterinary professionals
Both you and your dog are in a comfortable environment
Certificate of Completion from Animal Integrated Rehabilitation & Fitness Academy
Learn at your own pace on your own schedule
Online access to course materials on your device whenever & wherever
Master your skills with our quick quizzes

Package Details

5 modules with 27 bite-size video lessons for all you need to know about dog massage
Paws in Motion step-by-step massage demonstrations
Access to printable notes and cheat sheets
Certificate of completion from Animal Integrated Rehabilitation & Fitness Academy
Quiz questions to check your understanding
Become a member of our pet pawrents community
Additional video on anatomy and joint motion from Dr Jane McNae, Vet and Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (In English with Chinese subtitles)
FREE Mobility Support or Action & Training product according to your choice of package
10% DISCOUNT on selected products from our online store for one month from sign-up

*Your choice of Senior Support or Active Doggers packages

Senior Support package includes:

1. Free set of Dr Buzby's Toe Grips, the traction solution;
2. 10% discount on Mobility Support and Action & Training products.

Active Doggers package includes:

1. Free tube of LeanLix, lickable low calorie treat, for training your pet;
2. 10% discount on Fitness Equipment and Action & Training products.

Limited Introductory Offer! Enroll now!

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