Pet Mobility Support and Carts

Pet Mobility Support and Carts

Harnesses, slings, braces, supports, non-slip solutions, rear and quad carts or wheelchairs – our trained staff help find the ideal solution to your pet’s mobility issues.
Pet Mobility Support and Carts

Paws in Motion has many mobility support items available online to help your pet immediately, or we can organise our trained staff to assist with the measurement of your dog, cat or rabbit for custom devices from many international suppliers. Our short and long term support solutions go a long way to help improve mobility, recovery, enjoyment and quality of life in your pet.

Common problems and solutions

Harnesses such as the Help ‘Em Up Harness can be an absolute game changer. Indispensable for older pets that need a helping hand to stand, get into the car, move upstairs and support to hold their position during toileting. This is also our go-to harness for post-surgery care and recovery in larger dogs with bone implants and pets with neurological injuries or conditions. GingerLead slings are a great solution for pets that need a little help on stairs or after surgery while they gain back their strength.

Slip injuries are a pain in the *insert injured muscle here*! Marble, tile and wooden floors leave pets scrabbling for traction but Dr Buzby’s ToeGrips offer respite in senior pets which are struggling with their paw placement, tripawed, pets recovering after surgery or injury. Repeated strains are debilitating but can be easily prevented.

A wheelchair or cart can give your pet the mobility they deserve. Walkin’ Wheels Carts are lightweight sturdy carts well designed to help either the back legs (rear) or all 4 legs with a quad cart. Carts provide walking support to allow your dog/ cat/ rabbit to continue to exercise and walk, enhancing their quality of life. Pets in need of carts often have mobility issues due to neurological (spine and brain) conditions, orthopaedic (bone and joint) injury and arthritis.

Custom-made braces, joint supports and orthotic devices help keep pets pain-free and active. Often used to support a particular joint, for example to stop over-extension of the tarsus or ankle joint or to stop the repeated injury from slipping in medial shoulder instability. We communicate directly with colleagues at a variety of awesome rehabilitation companies such as TheraPaw, Walkin’ Wheels, Orthopets and Dogleggs to help us to help you. These items need precise measuring and fitting and often ongoing support with a rehabilitation exercise programme.

Benefits of Mobility Support Equipment

Occasionally, there is a need to source assistive equipment for your pets. It can be difficult to navigate all the mobility solutions out there. 

What is the best option for your pet?
How long and how often should you use it?

We bring our knowledge of an extensive range of the top international brands and ensure you understand the options available for your pet, including the pros and cons. Once a decision is made, we help with measuring, ordering, fitting and training your pet with their new equipment.

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A sneak peek of some other support we provide to our little patients. A sneak peek of some other support we provide to our little patients. Showing you Gus with his bespoke soft brace to support his elbow and wrist.
We met puppy Charlie 1 month after her car accident where we guided her pawrents throughout the long journey of rehabilitation from nerve paralysis at front leg.

Getting Treatment from Paws In Motion

Our process for Mobility Support, Braces and Carts

Information and History

Initially we need to collect as much information as possible about your pet and your concerns; we will send you a detailed online questionnaire to complete. We will also reach out to your family veterinarian and /or specialist for your pet’s full medical history.

Initial Assessment

At our physiotherapy initial consultation, we assess the gait and movement of your pet, review their medical history and perform a thorough physical assessment to understand individual requirements and mobility needs.

Measure and Order

Working together with you, we provide extensive knowledge and research to explore options to help support your pet. During ordering, we liaise with the product manufacturers to get the most suitable brace, support, cart, harness or traction solution to suit your pet.

Ongoing support

Some equipment may need longer adaptation and we are here to help. We’ll support your pet’s rehabilitation journey, as much or as little as you need us. Online consultations and video reviews can help to keep you on the right path.

"I greatly appreciate for your support. It meant so much to me and my family."

Jinyi (pet: Sarang)

"You have brought Sky a harness and a peanut ball to help him stand and walk"

Nathalie Phan and Park Island Residents (pet: Peaceful and Sky)

Arrange physiotherapy for your pet

Our rehabilitation therapist and veterinary surgeon, Dr Jane McNae, is happy to take on new patients and assess their needs, even if they are not under current veterinary care. Sometimes, if further tests or treatment are needed, we may need to refer you back to your family veterinarian for care.

We are here to support your pet’s recovery, as much or as little as you need us. Online consultations can help to keep you on the right path.

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