K9 Fitness Poles (Agility)

Category: Fitness and Training

Play & Stay fit! K9 Fitness Poles (Agility) is a great introduction for your dog which includes many aspects of physical and mental fitness. It is also a fantastic rehabilitation tool for dogs getting back into the business of using their limbs better by encouraging joint range of motion.

HK$ 450

About K9 Fitness Poles (Agility)

Also known as cavaletti poles, the K9 Fitness Poles is an excellent rehabilitation tool for dogs. By carefully selecting the height and distance apart of the poles, it encourages joint range of motion to assist with rehabilitation of joints and return to normal function. This helps develop your dog's self-awareness, confidence and strength. Advanced use includes various configurations and mixed heights or incorporate with balance equipment!

  • Indoor or outdoor fun
  • 30cm Cones, with 3 height options (7, 14 and 21cm)
  • 3 jumping poles of 1M length
  • Lightweight & easy storage

Colors: Cone colour sets vary; Poles are yellow

K9 Fitness Poles is one of Milton's at-home rehabilitation tools!

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