Carpo-Flex Sports Support Wrap

The Carpo-Flex Sports Support Wraps are light, flexible support and protection for the front leg wrist or carpal joint. Provides light support to pets with mild injuries or pain at the wrist or carpal joint such as osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, sprains, strains or ligament weakness. Also used as a light protector for those pets who have recovered from injury or surgery to the wrist joint or dew claw area.


About Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

Carpo-Flex Sports Wraps offer light, flexible support and protection for the front leg wrist or carpal joint. They should fit snugly around the wrist.

Helps to support the wrist joint and relieve pain associated with:

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Degenerative joint disease (DJD)
  • Hyperextension injuries and joint laxity (looseness)
  • Ligament strains and sprains
  • Wrist deviation or deformity (valgus and varus)
  • Can be used as a transitional support after cast or splint removal
  • To protect wounds and support recovery after surgery

Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap support is made of washable, easy-to-care-for materials. Available in 4 sizes, and LEFT or RIGHT, the wrap can be trimmed for a more customised fit. Nylon support straps to provide stability where it is needed most. 


  • Carpo-Flex Sports Wraps come in 4 different sizes (XS, S, M, L), and in LEFT or RIGHT for the left or right forelimbs
  • Soft and light materials (neoprene) with adjustable touch fastener straps for extra support
  • Provides light stability for the carpus
  • Ideal for pets with mild wrist arthritis, strains, sprains, deviations, weakness
  • Proactive protection for high-energy/active pets 
  • Proactive protection for tri-pawed dogs
  • Protects against re-injury
  • Designed by rehabilitation therapist in United States

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges of this product. Please make sure you have consulted your family veterinarian or rehabilitation therapist before purchase. Contact us for assistance.


Measure both A and B on your dog or cat while standing, utilise the size chart below to decide the size that best fits your pet. 

Use a soft measuring tape (or piece of string) to measure around your dog's wrist area at the widest point. [see figure A] 

Measure the distance from the back of your dog's paw-pad (or the floor) to about half way up your dog's leg. [See figure B]



Circumference [A]



3 - 4 inch (7.5 - 10cm)

Up to 3.5 inch (9cm)


3.75 - 4.5 inch (9.5 - 11.5cm)

Up to 5 inch (12.7cm)


4 - 5.25 inch (10 - 13.5cm)

Up to 6 inch (15.2cm)


5 - 7 inch (12.5 - 18cm)

Up to 7 inch (18cm)

One size up if your pet is in between 2 sizes.

For small dogs and cats, the Mini version is available for custom order. Please contact us.                                  

How to fit

Trimming and fitting 

Sports Wraps can be trimmed ANYWHERE on the neoprene cuff that does not contain stitching.  For example, a hole can be cut for the accessory pad (little nub that sits behind the leg).  A hole can also be cut for the dew claw.  The bottom can be trimmed if the Sports Wrap is too long.  The strap ends can also be trimmed if they are too long.

Right or left – does it matter?

Unless your pet has a valgus deviation, the RIGHT and LEFT Sports Wraps are interchangeable.  Just be careful not to displace the dew claw when applying a Sports Wrap on the opposite leg.

Safety and Success:

Carpo-Flex Sports Wraps should fit snugly around the wrist. The bottom portion should sit just above the paw, almost grazing the ground in the back when the dog is standing. If the bottom back tab is too long, it can be trimmed with scissors.

If planning on leaving the Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap on your pet throughout the day, you may want to consider applying anti-chafing powder inside the brace to help absorb moisture and add a layer of protection to the leg. 

Foam padding can also be added inside the Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap for added comfort.

For dogs that need more support and less mobility at the wrist, contact us to discuss the Carpo-Flex-X support brace.

For small dogs and cats, the Mini version is available for custom order. Please contact us.