Help ‘Em Up Walking Accessories: Walking Handle

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle is a walking lead that works well with XS and S sizes of Help ‘Em Up harness with a rotating handle that lets your dog walk freer with your support. **This product is only effective when in use with a Help Em Up harness.

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Help 'Em Up Harness

About the Walking Handle

 The Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle can be attached either just to the Hip Lift part to help lift dogs with hip issues, or to both parts of harness. The Walking Handle works perfectly when clipped on both parts of the harness as its handle allows it to swivel and thus letting your dog to walk in all directions without the lead getting tied up.  It can be used with the Extra Small and Small Help ‘Em Up harnesses.


  • Helps your injured, recovering and aging dog gain confidence in walking
  • Supports your dog when taking steps and flights of stairs
  • Reduce stress on your back while walking your support needed dog
  • Composed of nylon straps, same comfortable neoprene padding as the harness, reflective strips, with durable, poly-urethane handles and metal clips.

**This product is only effective when in use with a Help 'Em Up harness.

Compare Walking Accessories

Walking AccessoriesWalking HandleWalking Loop*Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap

Matching harness sizeExtra Small and SmallExtra Small, Small, Medium and Large
Extra Large
Suitable for pet weight2 – 15kg2 – 30kgOver 50kg
Extendable length20 to 53cm45 to 110cm60 to 175 cm

 With a swivel which allows your dog to walk freely

Able to attach to the harness in 4 ways

Carry over shoulder to ease your support for larger dogs

Reduce stress on your back during walks

Comes in a pair and adjustable length

Support getting in and out of a car and ascending stairs

Can pair up with Medium harness if needed

Flexible to support whole body, front or rear part only

*Make sure your model of harness comes with D-ring connectors