Help ‘Em Up Walking Accessories: Walking Loop

Category: Mobility Support

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Loop comes in pairs and they can be clipped onto the Help ‘Em Up harness in a variety of ways for enhanced support when walking your dogs. **This product is only effective when in use with a Help Em Up harness.

HK$ 240

The Help Em Up Harness

  • The new Help ‘Em Up accessories: Walking Loop comes in pairs. They are designed to attached to the new D-ring connectors* on the Help 'Em Up harness as an extension of the harness handles. They are flexible and can be adjusted in different length that allows you to maximize support to the area where your dog needs the most.

    It is recommended to use with Extra Small, Small, and Medium Help ‘Em Up harnesses.

    The Walking Loop acts like a sling and can be connected onto the Help ‘Em Up harness in 4 ways:

    1. To support the hind legs, clip 1 Loop to the rear ‘hip lift’ part

    2.  To support both the front and back of your dog, connect 1 loop over the chest and 1 loop across the hips. You can adjust the length of the loops to hold 2 loops together with one hand, or hold 2 loops separately with 2 hands

    3. To support the whole body while walking, connect 1 Loop from front chest part to the back ‘hip lift’ part

    4. To further support your dog up and down stairs, hook the Loops to either side of the chest part and hip part for a sling-like effect. For full shoulder support of dogs over 30kg, we recommend Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap


    • Enhance the support to walk or lift dogs from toy breeds to medium size dogs (up to 30kgs) along with the Help Em Up harness
    • Composed of nylon straps, same comfortable neoprene padding as the harness, and one metal clip on each end which provides you flexibility to support your dog in different ways depending on their mobility
    • Reduce stress on your back while supporting your dog

    *Make sure your model of Help ‘Em Up harness comes with D-ring connectors when purchase

  • Walking AccessoriesWalking HandleWalking Loop*
    Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap

    Matching harness size
    Extra Small and Small
    Extra Small, Small and Medium
    Extra Large
    Suitable for pet weight
    2 – 15kg
    2 – 30kg
    30 – 50kgOver 50kg

    With a swivel which allows your dog to walk freely

    Able to attach to the harness in 4 ways

    Available in 2 sizes

    Reduce stress on your back during walks

    Comes in a pair and adjustable length

    Carry over shoulder to ease your support for larger dogs

    Can pair up with Medium harness if needed

    Flexible to support whole body, front or rear part only

    Support getting in and out of a car and ascending stairs

    *Make sure your model of harness comes with D-ring connectors

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