"X" - X-ray (X光片)

Xrays are used to help give us a 2 dimensional picture of the bones and some soft tissues inside the body which can then help us to identify problems.

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Xrays are not always needed but it helps to know what the joint or spine looks like, so we'd like to review them if they are available. It’s also important to remember that animal may not feel as bad as the Xray looks or the Xray may not look as bad as the animal feels and so a good assessment is needed too.


The science behind tPEMF

Ready for the nerdy info of tPEMF? Read the published studies here.

What is CBD for pets?

Support your pet’s well-being with daily natural CBD to harmonise and balance health. Broad-spectrum CBD oil helps manage the emotional and behavioural elements in your pet. Reduces inflammation which causes pain and discomfort, improves anxiety and creates a sense of calmness and relaxation.