Paws in Motion Announces New Clinic Opening & Founder Dr. Jane McNae Recognised as Finalist in 'The Woman Entrepreneur Award'

Paws in Motion Announces New Clinic Opening & Founder Dr. Jane McNae Recognised as Finalist in 'The Woman Entrepreneur Award'

Hot off the paw-press!! New clinic announcement.

Sunday 10th September 2023


Hong Kong – September 11: Paws in Motion, the trailblazer in veterinary physiotherapy in Hong Kong, is elated to announce the soft launch of their eagerly awaited new centre in Sai Ying Pun. This significant milestone occurs concurrently with the recognition of its founder, Dr. Jane McNae, as a finalist in the esteemed 'The Woman Entrepreneur Award' presented by the Women Entrepreneur Network of Hong Kong.

Dr. Jane McNae's dedication to animal rehabilitation has always been evident in her approach at Paws in Motion. Under her leadership, the practice’s veterinary physiotherapy treatment programmes are meticulously curated with an aim to accelerate pet recovery, ensuring pets return to their mobile and exuberant lives swiftly.

On reflecting upon the double celebration, Dr. McNae expressed, "This year has been transformative for both me and the Paws in Motion team. Passing the Australian and New Zealand Veterinary College membership examinations in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (VSMR) signified it was the right juncture to elevate Hong Kong's service standards with a dedicated physiotherapy facility.”

This new centre, The Paws in Motion Veterinary Physiotherapy and Pain Management Centre, continues the brand’s legacy, emphasising the PAWS pawprint of physiotherapy care. This integrated approach targets each critical area of Pain management, Activity, Well-being, & Support.

Pioneering as the first physiotherapy-only veterinary practice in the region, Paws in Motion has remained as the leader of this specialty field for the last eight years, with a team of qualified veterinary rehabilitation specialists providing pet patient therapy.

Adding to this jubilant atmosphere, the Women Entrepreneur Network praised all participants of 'The Woman Entrepreneur Award' for their determination and entrepreneurial spirit. The winner will be crowned during the WEN Gala on September 21 at the Foreign Correspondents Club.

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