Telemedicine/ online video consultation is available to help stay-at-home pets and pawrents!

Telemedicine/ online video consultation is available to help stay-at-home pets and pawrents!

We understand that travelling and home visits are difficult for some clients and their pets, so we are now offering telemedicine/ online video consultation with our veterinary team to help your pet with any mobility and pain issues.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

While telemedicine cannot be used to diagnose or to prescribe medication, our skilled veterinary team use gait assessment and medical records to help guide you and support your pet. We also provide professional veterinary feedback to your family vet.

As we humans continue to try to keep our physical distance and spend more time at home, the same goes for our pets! There may be a change in walk time, distance or outdoor play routine. Through online consultation, we can explore and tailor an indoor exercise programme designed to keep your pet's body and mind active. We can provide advice on equipment, how to turn a small area into a pet activity zone and other best practices for managing your pet in confined indoor spaces.

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