Summer fun for hot dogs (beating the heat!!)

Summer fun for hot dogs (beating the heat!!)

Summer is here and we are now getting roasted in the heat. Check out these summer locations that can beat the heat.

Wednesday 29th June 2022

OK, before we get to the list of summer locations, let's take a quick refresher in how to identify heat stroke, and how to minimise the risk.

How to identify heatstroke

It is in the loving nature of our dogs that they will do anything to spend time with us no matter what the conditions are. But dogs do not sweat and cannot manage their body temperatures as effectively as us humans, and therefore its up to you as a responsible carer to make sure they do not develop heat stroke. 

Early signs:

  • open mouth with swollen tongue hanging out
  • rapid or heavy breathing
  • excessive drooling
  • white stickly saliva
  • disorientation
  • lethargy (Laying down, not willing to move)
  • vomiting

Heat stroke is a serious condition and its very important to contact your veterinarian immediately if you see any signs of heat stroke.

Prevention is better than cure

To minimise the risk of heat stroke please consider the "T.E.A.C.H." heat-stroke prevention code below:

  • Time of day: Make sure you can find shelter during the hottest hours of the day
  • Equipment: Provide a cooling vest if possible.
  • Activity: Keep play and hiking well within your pet's ability with frequent rest intervals. 
  • Cover: ensure there is shade and protection from the sun.
  • Hydrate: Provide plenty of cool fresh water.

Below we have suggested some great parks and malls that can help you and your pooch escape the summer heat! Remember when traveling with your pooch, allow sufficient time after eating for you pet to digest their food to prevent upset stomach/vomiting.

Pet-friendly Malls

What better way to stay out of the hottest weather than to visit a cool air-conditioned pet-friendly mall! Here are some cool spots for pets and humans who like more indoor & air-conditioned places to chill at.

Urban Parks

These urban parks mean less time hiking in the heat and they also provide more shelter from the elements, and drinking water in some cases.


Pei Pei's rehabilitation from bilat FHNE (hip surgery)

Pei Pei's rehabilitation from bilat FHNE (hip surgery)

Paws in Motion team is asked to help Pei Pei, the 7 month old Pomeranian, after he had the FHNE surgery on both hips.

My two guide dog puppies- by Vet student and Paws in Motion Intern, Jason Wong

Everyone’s experience with their first household animal is different, but I would say that my story with the two Labradors at my home is one of the more unique ones.