Ice Cream's 'cat walk' journey from nerve weakness to walking!

When we met Ice Cream, she was unable to use her back legs.

Friday 5th March 2021

After many tests, Xrays and investigations by neurological specialists, there was still not cause of Ice Cream’s 2 month long back leg weakness. Ice Cream was adopted and her new owners. After we met lovely Ice Cream, we wanted to help as much as we could too! A very chilled kitty girl by nature, we used everything we could to motivate Ice Cream to move- food, her cat buddies, toys and food!


Tips: Senior pets and pressure sores- bedding advice

Similar to humans, dogs may develop pressure sores if they lie on their bed or floor for long periods of time, if their mobility is reduced. Pressure sores often develop over bony prominences (the bony points with very thin skin and little fat covering) such as the hips and elbows causing damage to the skin barrier and discomfort.

Dr Jane joins the prestigious new VSMR chapter of ANZCVS

We are delighted to update you that Dr Jane McNae has been invited to join and the newly established Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation chapter of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.