Adding some splash to the summer fun!

Adding some splash to the summer fun!

As we are bathing in the sunshine and heat, there’s nothing like running into the sea, creating a splash, and enjoying the summer to its fullest. Check out some of the doggie-friendly beaches in Hong Kong and have an adventure with your fur-kids.

Monday 27th June 2016

If you are looking for a place where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, and of course, your doggie, then there are some excellent options for doggie-friendly beach areas in Hong Kong, where you get to spend time with your fur-kids and they can swim to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on HK’s gazetted beaches, managed by LCSD, and we are advised to follow their advice by NOT taking dogs to the beach, throwing sand or stones or spitting!! [].

Taking that on board, there are a few little sweet spots that a little birdie told me about which may be worth to investigate……

Shek O, Stanley and Sai Kung are activity hot spots for you and your dog! Not only do they have accessible beaches, but also dog-friendly facilities for the important serving of tasty morsels and recovery beverages! Access is easy by taxi. Not all taxis will take pets, but with persistence, you’ll find your cabbie.


Stanley Ma Hang Park at the end of Stanley promenade (past Murray House) is a moderately sized beach where lots of dog lovers go. There is also a shopping centre, Stanley Plaza, and restaurants nearby where your doggies are more than welcome to join you. Sometimes they might even get a treat or two from the waiters when it’s not busy, but for sure, they will attract lots of attention and head scratches if you’d like! Stanley Main Beach, near the sailing schooland dragon boats is another spot with many a doggie frolicking in the waters.

Shek O ‘Back Beach’ (actually Rocky Bay Beach) is behind the old bus terminus and down through the back of the village.  A super little outdoor pub serving refreshments.

There is another sneaky find near the inlet at the Tai Tam Harbour, just alongside Hong Kong International School, off Tai Tam Reservoir Rd.


Sha Ha Beach is located at the end of the Sai Kung waterfront promenadeThe beach is a few minutes walk from the bus stop at Sha Kok Mei village or there is a path coming off Tai Mong Tsai Road. Sai Kung Promenade is a great place for meeting new dog friends. Here, plenty of the restaurants and patio bars are dog-friendly as well, which makes it a wonderful place to chill out and enjoy.

A hike to Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) through the Sai Kung Country Park is always rewarding! If you don’t fancy hiking in, then sampans or little speed boats from either Sai Kung or Wong Shek Pier will gladly take you in and out.  

And if you want to get further away from the bright lights of the city, there are lots of options available on the outlying islands as well! Remember, when taking the ferry, you will need to have a muzzle for your dog to buy your ticket, so remember to bring it with you before you head out for fun in the sun.


Lantau island has many dog-friendly beaches, such as Cheung Sha Beach and Pui O Beach, both on South Lantau Road. Get there by taking the ferry from Central Ferry Pier No. 6 to Mui Mo, and then a taxi to your preferred white sands.


Another great beach adventure, taking the ferry from Central Ferry Pier No. 4 to Yung Shue Wan and walk to the Tai Wan To Beach (Power Station Beach)It is a quieter beach with less traffic, which makes it a great place for your doggie to chase after balls or for just snoozing in the shade.


Kwun Tam Wan Beach is a smaller beach near the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre where your doggies can roam free! Take the ferry from the Central Ferry Pier No. 5 to Cheung Chau and then follow the signs.

With all the digging and splashing, don’t forget to provide your dog with lots of water to keep them hydrated and let them rest in the shade to prevent heat exhaustion. We also recommend protective balm if your pooch's paws are sensitive to heat or sand.

There are no limits in your dogs’ eagerness to go an adventure with their favourite people, which is you and your family! So make the most out of the summer – enjoy the sun and create some fantastic memories!

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