FitPAWS® Dog Agility Set

Category: Fitness Equipment

Get Fit. Play Fit. Stay Fit. Looking for an activity that encompasses many aspects of physical and mental fitness for you and your dog? The FitPAWS® Dog Agility Set is a great introduction for your dog to agility training. It is also a fantastic rehabilitation tool for dogs getting back into the business of using their limbs better by encouraging joint range of motion.

HK$ 1020


About FitPAWS® Dog Agility Set

Also known as cavelletti poles, the FitPAWS® Dog Agility Set is an excellent rehabilitation tool for dogs. By carefully selecting the height and distance apart of the poles, it encourages joint range of motion to assist with rehabilitation of joints and return to normal function.

  • Indoor or outdoor fun
  • 6 – 12" Cones, 3 height adjustments (2.5" to 5.5" to 8.5")
  • 3 Collapsible, interlocking jumping rails
  • Lightweight for on-the-go portability


Agility helps develop a stronger bond, confidence and self-awareness for dogs of any age or breed. Mix and match to create new mental challenges and incorporate exercises that strengthen hind limbs, front limbs and core. Practicing 3–5 times a week is recommended to improve body awareness, gait movement, and teaching collected balance.

Colors: Cones are Green & Blue; Poles are Yellow

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