Physiotherapy services

Neurological (spinal) injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy is an integrative part of the recovery process after neurological illness or injury.

Orthopaedic injury rehabilitation

After orthopaedic injury or illness, physiotherapy improves patient comfort and recovery, helping them to return to their active lifestyle faster.

Aging gracefully and chronic conditions

We provide services, advice and mobility solutions to help our geriatric pets that need that extra care as they age gracefully.

Custom cart and brace fitment

Our trained staff are there to guide you and assist with measurement, fitting and ongoing used of assistive equipment.

Water therapy referral

We offer our clients referral for pool or underwater treadmill use, as well as open water swimming advice.

Pain management

Physiotherapy allows us to combine several manual techniques and modalities to manage pain alongside your vet's recommendations.

Nutrition and fitness services

Canine fitness and conditioning

We can tailor conditioning programmes to strengthen weak areas and prevent injury, as well as manage it.

Nutrition support and weight management

We can offer information and guidance on diet management (including weight loss) and explain the world of supplements.

Home advice and exercise programmes

Individually designed home advice and exercise programmes are an essential part of your pet’s recovery.