"M" - Massage and manual therapy (按摩和徒手療法) And manual therapy - a component of physiotherapy


For massage and Manual therapy, we use our magic hands.



As a therapist I use a lot of different techniques for stretching, joint movements and mobilisations to help improve the pet’s comfort. Massaging itself incorporates different techniques such as effleurage and petrissage.  But I love massaging dogs and watching their little faces show relief, relax and sometimes sleep and then next time I see them I get a big tail wag greeting and that’s what makes my job awesome.



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How To- Assisi Loop (How To 影片系列- Assisi Loop )

New #HowTo series with our cutie pie,Gus, showing us how to use the Assisi Loop to help reduce inflammation at his arthritic wrist.

Sneak Peek - Gait Analysis (物理治療小點滴-步態分析)

Another sneak peek of what we do during our physiotherapy assessment. We often do gaitAnother sneak peek of what we do during our physiotherapy assessment. We often do gaitanalysis with our patients, which is looking at how the legs are working when they walk andmove from different sides.

"N" - Non-invasive techniques (非侵入性治療)

 Physiotherapy is non-invasive. We don’t poke or prod the pet- in fact Anything we do should not hurt your pet.