"Z" - Zen (endorphin release) 禪 (胺多酚)

Your pet should feel relaxed after a physiotherapy session. Both massage and laser therapy encourage the brain to release endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones, which cause an analgesic or pain reliving effect and encourage relaxation and sleep.

"Y" - You, the pet parent 您和您的家庭護理團隊

We are reliant on You and your home care team to help us improve and gain the best results for your pet by being involved in daily home care and home exercise.

Sneak Peek - Asko (物理治療小點滴 - Asko)

Introducing our main man, Asko! Asko has become a key part of our Paws in Motion team, helping Dr Jane teach the CityU/SCOPE Veterinary Nurse students their anatomy and as a star in our soon to be released massage course.

Sneak Peak - Digatherm (物理治療小點滴- Digatherm電子熱像攝影機)

Introducing Digital thermal imaging with our Digatherm camera. The camera helps us to detect areas of increased temperature and blood flow, such as inflammation, or decreased blood flow, to guide us in our therapy or further imaging such as Xray or CT.

Sneak Peek - Oreo (物理治療小點滴 - Oreo)

Meet Oreo- our gorgeous Boston terrier friend who delivers unlimited kisses and licks during our visits.

"W" - Weight management (體重管理)

Weight management is hugely important for many of our physiotherapy patients.

"X" - X-ray (X光片)

Xrays are used to help give us a 2 dimensional picture of the bones and some soft tissues inside the body which can then help us to identify problems.

"U" - Underwater treadmill (水底跑步機)

Underwater treadmill is a form of hydrotherapy which also includes swimming. 

"V" - Veterinary Trained and Qualified Staff (接受過獸醫學培訓的合資格員工)

Physiotherapy requires detailed knowledge of animal anatomy and disease.

Sneak peek - K9FITbone and leg weight (物理治療小點滴- K9FITbone及負重沙包)

FitPaws equipment is great for helping my rehabilitation patients as well as for doggies that want to keep fit.

SNEAK PEEK ""Wolfgang" (物理治療小點滴 - Wolfgang)

Check out this cool dude, Wolfie! He's recovering from a TPLO surgery after a cruciate ligament tear in his knee.

How To Help 'Em Up Harness (How To 影片系列- Help 'Em Up 輔助帶)

Wolfie will do anything for more treats! Here he is, the perfect model for showing you how to put on the Help 'em up harness.

"T" - Thermotherapy (冷熱療法)

Thermotherapy simple means heat and cold therapy. it’s a cheap and easy way to help our pets.

"S" - Senior pets (年老寵物)

There is really a lot that we can do to help our aging pets.

"R" - Reflexes (非條件反射)

Assessing Reflexes are part of our assessment of the neurological system.

"Q" - Quality of Life (生活質量)

Physiotherapy helps to improve pet quality of life, especially in older pets with mobility issues. That’s because we focus on reliving their pain, strengthening their muscles and providing solutions to helping them more easily do their daily activities.

How to Joint supplement (How To 影片系列-保健品: 關節保健)

Part 2 of supplements: Dr Jane focuses on the glucosamine/ chondroitin formulations for joint support and what to look for in a product. Need advice? We are always happy to help with advice and prescribe these supplements for our pet patients.

How to Supplements: Omega 3 Fatty Acids (How To 影片系列-保健品: 奧米加3魚油)

Part 1 of supplements: In this video Dr Jane discusses how to select a good quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplement to support joints and reduce pain and inflammation. Watch to find out what to look for in a product. Need advice? We are always happy to prescribe premium supplements for our pet patients.

How to use a Heat Pack (How To 影片系列-熱敷暖包)

Heat (warm) packs even in summer can be game changer for helping older arthritic pets or those with over working muscles to reduce stiffness. Watch to see how to apply to be safe. Need advice on what type of heat pack? We are always happy to help!

How To- Toe Grips (How To 影片系列- Toe Grips指甲套)

For older pets, recovering pets and tripods! Watch how easy it is to apply Dr Buzby's Toe Grips, a most excellent solution to help your pets with traction on slick surfaces. Need advice? We are always happy to help.

Sneak Peek - Braces (物理治療小點滴- 矯形器)

A sneak peek of some other support we provide to our little patients. A sneak peek of some other support we provide to our little patients. Showing you Gus with his bespoke soft brace to support his elbow and wrist.

Sneak Peek - Gait Analysis (物理治療小點滴-步態分析)

Another sneak peek of what we do during our physiotherapy assessment. We often do gaitAnother sneak peek of what we do during our physiotherapy assessment. We often do gaitanalysis with our patients, which is looking at how the legs are working when they walk andmove from different sides.

Sneak Peek- Molly (物理治療小點滴- Molly )

Molly helping us to show you some of the work we do for post-surgery patients in our physiotherapy rehabilitation

How To- Assisi Loop (How To 影片系列- Assisi Loop )

New #HowTo series with our cutie pie,Gus, showing us how to use the Assisi Loop to help reduce inflammation at his arthritic wrist.

Sneak Peek- Gus (物理治療小點滴- Gus)

Our sneak peek series gives you a look at some of our physiotherapy patients and what we do.

"P" - Pet Patients - All of them (所有寵物小患者)

 Our physiotherapy patients are many different shapes, sizes and species. We frequently treat dogs, cats and rabbits. 

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