Could using non-pharmaceutical pain management help your pet? Here's Yuby's story.

Susan contacted me when her little doggy, Yuby was having some difficulties with painful stifles (knees) due to ligament problems. Yuby was already under the care of her family veterinarian, but the current regime of rest and NSAIDs pain medication was not doing enough to allow Yuby to do the things he loved.

We discussed with Susan about various physiotherapy options to support pain management in Yuby. Susan had already learned of the Assisi Loop®
from internet searches and saw that Paws in Motion have this product available under veterinary prescription in Hong Kong.

Bringing home the healing – The Assisi Loop

Assisi Loop® is a non-invasive and safe pain management technology that complements your pet’s own healing mechanisms to speed the healing process. It in turn relieves pain and discomfort caused by inflammation in the affected areas. Other benefits seen in research and with clinical use include increased mobility, improved circulation and less swelling. It is excellent in post-surgical healing, after injury, pain management for joint, muscle or nerve inflammation, osteoarthritis and tissue swelling (oedema).

The Loop is portable and easy to use at home, which enables your vet and you to integrate the Loop into your pet’s current treatment programme. The use of multiple pain management tools together to help manage inflammation and pain more effectively and may potentially reduce reliance on long-term use of medications.

Yuby’s family veterinarian was able to contact us and confirm the prescription for Yuby’s Loop and he had it the next day to start his therapy and gain benefits.

The Loop helps Yuby a lot. After using on the first day, we all noticed that he was walking around the house a lot more. And by the 3rd day, he surprisingly stood on his hind legs after taking a bath!! He hadn't been able to do that for many months. Usually he would sit in there and wait to be carried out.  Thx for prescribing him such a great device!!” – Susan & Yuby 

When it comes to your pet’s health, you play an essential role alongside the professional veterinary health care team. The Loop allows you to be more involved in your pet’s recovery, but also take on a more proactive role as a pet owner.

If you are interested, please contact us or your veterinarian to see if the Assisi Loop® may be beneficial to support healing and pain management in your pet.  

Bringing home the healing – The Assisi Loop

Assisi Loop®

The Assisi Loop® offers all animals a safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain management technology that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with the treatment plan your veterinarian has in place. PEMF is used in pain management, osteoarthritis, inflammation, post-surgical healing and wound healing.

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Overtight muscles are painful and cause lameness too.

Overtight muscles are painful and cause lameness too.

Asko had a tough start, born with hip dysplasia and needing surgery by 1 year of age. After doing well for years, Paws in Motion was called in to evaluate Asko after his gait or walk became increasingly abnormal and painful.

Pain management

Pain management

Whilst your veterinary surgeon will prescribe a variety of medication to alleviate pain; physiotherapy allows us to combine several manual techniques and modalities to modulate pain.