Aktivait is a revolutionary nutritional supplement designed to support optimal brain function in aging dogs and cats. Packed with essential nutrients including L-carnitine, Vitamin E, and Co Enzyme Q10, Aktivait helps combat cognitive decline, promoting mental clarity and vitality.

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From reducing restlessness and depression to enhancing recognition and playfulness, Aktivait is the key to unlocking a happier, more energized life for your senior pet. 

  • Gives an older pets more energy
  • Helps pets with depression
  • Helps with recognition
  • Helps pets enjoy playtime again

As our beloved pets age, their needs evolve, and so should our care. Just as we prioritise our own cognitive health, it's essential to support our furry companions' mental acuity as they enter their golden years. Enter Aktivait, the pioneering solution tailored to address the unique needs of aging dogs and cats.

For Dogs: As man's best friend matures, signs of cognitive decline may start to emerge. Restlessness, disorientation, and changes in behavior can all signal a decline in brain function. Aktivait steps in as a beacon of hope, offering a comprehensive blend of nutrients meticulously formulated to support brain health. From L-carnitine to Vitamin E, each ingredient is carefully selected to combat free radical damage and promote optimal cognitive function. With Aktivait, your canine companion can reclaim their zest for life, rediscovering the joy of playtime, and enjoying a newfound vitality.

For Cats: Just like their canine counterparts, aging cats may experience cognitive changes that impact their quality of life. From disorientation to altered interaction patterns, these subtle shifts can weigh heavily on both feline and owner alike. Aktivait provides a lifeline for senior cats, delivering a potent combination of antioxidants and essential nutrients to safeguard their precious cognitive health. Whether it's inappropriate vocalization or irregular sleep patterns, Aktivait offers a holistic approach to nurturing your aging feline's mental clarity and overall well-being.

The Science Behind Aktivait: At the heart of Aktivait lies a deep commitment to scientific rigor and innovation. Drawing upon years of research and clinical expertise, Aktivait harnesses the power of nature to combat the effects of aging on our pets' brains. With ingredients like N-acetyl cysteine and Alpha lipoic acid, Aktivait targets free radicals, the culprits behind age-related cognitive decline. By providing a daily dose of essential nutrients, Aktivait empowers pet owners to proactively support their furry friends' cognitive vitality, ensuring they can continue to thrive well into their twilight years.