Walkin' Halo for Visually Impaired dogs

The Walkin' Halo helps pets with vision loss to safely navigate the space around them. Lightweight and flexible, the halo is attached to a comfortable vest, giving your dog back their independence. The Walkin' Halo acts as a bumper alerting your pet of nearby obstacles, instead of tripping or bumping into the wall. Assists pets with blindness and vision changes that may be caused by normal aging, SARDS, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disease, trauma, and diabetes.

Walkin' Pets

About Walkin’ Halo

The Walkin’ Halo empowers dogs with poor eyesight. The Halo helps pets with vision loss to confidently maneuver in the world around them. It warns your pet of nearby obstacles, avoiding bumps and trips, becoming familiar with their surroundings.

When the Halo makes contact with a hard surface, it both prevents from injuries and teaches your dog to change direction and walk around the object, acting as a safety barrier. The Halo safely guides your pet around their home environment, allowing them to participate in normal activities. 

  • Assist pets with blindness and changes in vision caused by normal aging, SARDS, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal disease, trauma, and diabetes
  • Allows pets with poor vision to safely map their surroundings in home area, alerting them of nearby obstacles
  • Gives pets back their confidence
  • Allows your dog to navigate spaces without bumping their head


  • Halo is lightweight and flexible
  • Halo comes attached to a vest for Small to Medium breed dogs
  • Designed for comfort to fit your pet 
  • Suitable for dogs under 13.5kg

Bo Bo, 15yr Schnauzer with vision changes, confidently navigating in her home with the help of Walkin' Halo!

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges of this product. Please make sure you have measured your pet's chest before purchase. 


The Walkin’ Halo comes attached to the Walkin’ Small Front Vest for Small to Medium breeds. See chart below to determine the right size.

Please use a soft measuring tape to determine the girth of your dog’s chest (widest part of the rib cage).

Walkin' Halo with vest for dogs under 30 lbs (13.5 kg)


Girth of Neck

Girth of Chest


9.5 inch (24 cm)

14 – 16.5 inch ( 35.5 – 42 cm)


11 inch (28 cm)

16 – 18.5 inch ( 40.5 – 47 cm)


12 inch (30.5 cm)

18 – 20.5 inch (45.5 – 52 cm)


14 inch (35.5 cm)

20 – 22.5 inch (50 – 57 cm)


14 inch (35.5 cm)

22 – 24.5 inch (55.5 – 62 cm)

One size up if your pet is in between 2 sizes.

How to fit


Different anatomies of dogs make it possible that your halo may extend too far. If this is the case for your dog, bend the halo as in this photo to bring it closer to your dog’s nose and head.