Buster Memory Foam Dog Bed

Category: Mobility Support

BUSTER Memory Foam dog bed gives the ultimate in doggy comfort by reducing the number of pressure points and providing excellent support to your pet. Suits large and medium dogs. Size is 100x70cm.

HK$ 1120


About Buster Memory Foam Dog Bed

BUSTER Memory Foam dog bed by KRUUSE reacts to body heat and weight by 'molding' to your pet's body thus distributing the body weight over a larger area and relieving pressure on joints.  Our physiotherapy vet recommends BUSTER dog beds especially for dogs troubled by arthritis and joint problems, elbow or hip dysplasia, as well as large breed dogs and senior pets. The Memory Foam bed helps prevent pressure sores particularly for dogs who spend more time resting and the firm padding should make it easier for your pet to get up after lying down. 


  • Reduces the number of pressure points
  • Gives excellent support-Promotes efficient blood circulation
  • Ensures deep and comfortable sleep-Relives aches of dysplasia, arthritis and joint problems 

Covers are removable and machine washable at 30°C.Additional colours are available. Please contact us to discuss options. Available for delivery in Hong Kong.

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