DogLeggs' Shoulder Stabilisation for Small and Medium dogs

DogLeggs' for Shoulder Stabilisation prevents excessive shoulder movement (abduction) for management of medial shoulder instability (MSI), swimmer puppy and conservative management of shoulder and elbow joint problems and pain in small and medium size dogs.

Refer to the Measurement diagram.

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About DogLeggs' Shoulder Stabilisation Support

The DogLeggs' Shoulder Stabilisation Support reduces front leg splay or abduction of the forelimbs and limits shoulder extension and flexion. It is easy to apply and very comfortable for your pet, as such, it can be worn continuously for several months with no to minimal irritation. The system is comprised of two sleeves: one for each leg and chest straps. The sleeves attach to each other over the back suspending the elbow cuffs. The chest straps act to secure the device and hobble the front legs. More severe MSI cases may need additional hobble straps at the lower leg.

Helps to support the shoulder and elbow joints and relieve pain associated with:

  • Medial Shoulder Instability (MSI) or Syndrome (MSS) in small to medium dogs
  • Support for certain shoulder luxation and osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder ligament strains and sprains and joint laxity (looseness)
  • Post-surgery MSI, shoulder luxation or shoulder reconstruction
  • Protects elbow wounds (such as hygroma, ulcer or pressure sores) and support recovery after surgery
  • Support for arthritic elbows, padding protects and maintains warmth at joints
  • Support for Swimmer Puppy Syndrome

DogLeggs are constructed from 3-dimensional fleece-faced, highly breathable, 4-way stretch material with wicking properties. This material allows air to circulate while keeping the elbow joint warm. Velcro fasteners for adjustment and attachment.


  • Soft and light materials with adjustable velcro fastener straps
  • Elbow cuffs contain 7mm padding
  • Provides stability for the shoulders and protection for elbows
  • This construction provides three-way adjustability: over the back, around each elbow, and below the elbow.
  • The chest strap attaches to each sleeve and acts to secure the device and hobble the front legs, slopping the outward splay seen with MSI / MSS
  • Ideal for pets with shoulder instability osteoarthritis, strains, sprains, weakness or elbow pain
  • Designed by rehabilitation therapist in United States

Horlick in a DogLeggs' Shoulder Stabilisation system to stabilise his shoulders to stop the repeated injury and pain.

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges of this product. Please make sure you have consulted your family veterinarian or rehabilitation therapist before purchase. Contact us for assistance.


All Measurements must be taken with your dog in STANDING. Please fill in the Measurement Form in the above 'Request Now' button  so we can help you with your order.

Use a soft measuring tape (or piece of string) to: 

#1. Measure from the point of the elbow on the left, up over the shoulders and to the point of the elbow on the right. 

#2. Measure around your dog's left leg at the point of the elbow (at the widest point). Now the right leg.

#3. Measure around the dog’s left leg halfway between the elbow and top of paw for both the left and right front leg. 

#4. Measure the distance from the back of your dog's paw-pad (or the floor) to the elbow. If this measurement is more than 6 inches, we will need to make a custom order for you, please contact us.

#5. Provide your dog's breed and weight.

For Large breed dogs, custom order is available. If measurement #4 is more than 6 inches, Please contact us. 

How to fit

A veterinary prescription is required to order this product. We recommend that the veterinary professional apply the product initially.

  1. Apply the DogLeggs with your dog standing or supported in standing. Slide the sleeves onto your dog and secure together over the shoulders.
  2. The inside cuff should sit at the crease of the elbow and the elbow cuffs should be loose when standing.
  3. Add the first chest strap across the front to keep the Dogleggs in position and help to provide some stabilisation to the legs sliding outwards.
  4. Add the second chest strap behind the elbows. This provides more support and prevents sideways movement.

Safety and Success:

We recommend introducing your dog to the shoulder support in short blocks of time until they are used to wearing it. Supervise your pet during use and reward with treats.

If both chest straps limit the forward/ backward movement of your dog walking (particularly in small dogs with severe shoulder instability), loosen the strap or remove one as you slowly introduce the support system for you pet.

More severe MSI cases may need additional hobble straps at the lower leg. Please contact us for more information.