Fitpaws® K9FITbone™

Category: Fitness Equipment

K9FitBone™ is the ideal at-home exercise and physiotherapy tool for your pet to help develop and improve strength, endurance, proprioception, balance and flexibility.

HK$ 1180


About Fitpaws® K9FITbone™

The perfect fitness tool for rehabilitation post-surgery or for aging dogs to help improve, develop or maintain physical functionality of your dog by incorporating, weight-bearing exercises, balance training, and core strength training.

The K9FitBone™ provides a low–impact, platform to add full–body conditioning and toning for all dog sizes and capabilities.  The professional grade heavy duty PVC material, formulated for use with dogs, provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by nails.

K9FITbone™ also features sensory bumps for neural stimulation and feedback.

Small and medium dogs can progress to place all four paws on the bone; while big dogs can use one bone for the front legs and one bone for the back legs for advanced core work.  Balance challenge can be adjusted by adding more or less air to the platform.

Note: The K9FitBone™ is supplied partially un-inflated. It comes with a hand air pump, which is required to inflate it.

Includes FitPAWS® K9FitBone, hand pump & training DVD 


  • Fun bone shape
  • Low-impact platform
  • Nail resistant (heavy-duty PVC material)
  • Sensory stimulation- Heavy & light texture sides

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