Calmer Canine™ Device + Vest

Calmer Canine™ is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive anxiety treatment device. It is clinically proven to have long lasting relief on Separation Anxiety and also helps with other general anxieties. Developed by the same company of Assisi Loop®, Calmer Canine™ delivers a tPEMF signal that is tuned to reduce the inflammation in an overly anxious brain and to increase the production of “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins.

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When your dog misses you too much……

Around the world, 1 in 7 dogs suffers from separation anxiety, or being overly attached to their owners. These pets become extremely upset when they are left home alone in their apartments, or when they see their owners preparing to leave the home. As a result, their anxiety produces a panic response: some dogs may bark excessively, have toilet accidents, destroy furniture or items and try to escape. Anxiety has a huge impact on the lives of these pets and their families.

In order to alleviate separation anxiety in their dogs, some owners look for drug-free solutions. These includes calming wraps, supplements, or pheromones but the results may vary between different dogs and do not have any lasting effects.

What’s an owner to do?

Some pet owners looking for a drug-free solution, try a variety of supplements or calming wraps, but with mixed results. Other owners opt for behavior training, a highly successful improvement method, yet requires a great amount of time, patience and expertise from behaviour specialists.

Calmer Canine is different:

Calmer Canine is an innovative treatment device that has shown its ability to improve canine separation anxiety by using electromagnetic field to target the fear and anxiety centre on your dog’s brain, reducing the anxiety-related symptoms over several weeks.

Norris is calmer when at home, as well as when he sees other dogs. He is also more chilled with noises and generally a happier dog. Canine Calmer has helped Norris so much with his anxiety after trying many other options.” Fiona A, Norris’ pet parent.

Symptoms of separation anxiety

Symptoms of separation anxiety can vary and include the following:

  • Excessive Vocalization (barking, howling, whining)
  • Destructive Behaviour (chewing, breaking, tearing, scratching, biting windows, doors and exits, etc.)
  • Self-Harm (licking and chewing their own toes, paws, hair, legs or tail)
  • Anxious Panting (breathing fast, heavily or loudly)
  • Inappropriate Urination or Defecation (these dogs never have accidents when people are around)
  • Pacing (walking in circles or back and forth across the room in a non-stop manner)
  • Watchful Waiting (standing or sitting by the door, staring out of the window without any resting)
  • Rearranging Behaviour (moving household objects around without destruction)

Some of the behaviors will be more obvious when you are home:

  • Excessive Greetings (overly whining, barking, pawing or even urinating or biting when you return)
  • Shadowing (being hyper alert and insisting on always staying close to you)

 If your dog exhibits some of above behaviours when left alone, it is LIKELY that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.

How to use

The Calmer CanineTM device uses low-level electromagnetic signals to target the fear and anxiety centre in your dog’s brain. The vest holds the device properly above the dog’s head during treatments. You can also use it without the vest by hand over your dog’s head.

For a full treatment cycle, use the device for 2 15-minute-treatments every day for 4 to 6 weeks. Please space 8 to 10 hours apart for each treatment. The device will automatically turn off at the end of the treatment after 15 minutes. You can expect that your pet’s anxiety-related symptoms will be alleviating over time; such as less barking or whining, less pacing, more independence, more resting or playing while leaving alone.

The device uses battery CR123A and is replaceable when flat. 


Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System includes therapy device and a convenient vest. The vest comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). Please refer to below vest sizing chart:

To select the right vest size, please use a soft measuring tape to get measurements of your dog’s neck and chest area.

The device comes in 2 sizes: 5 inch or 7 inch depending on the size of vest needed. 5 inch device is paired up with XS to M vests. 7 inch device is enclosed with L to XL vests.

How does the Calmer Canine Work (the science)

Calmer Canine uses tPEMF (targeted pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy to improve canine separation anxiety.

tPEMF produced by the Calmer Canine device delivers a signal, which is targeted to the brains’ nerve cells. This causes the cells to produce more Nitric Oxide, an important molecule that stimulates cellular repair, as well as triggering anti-inflammatory responses. 

Nitric Oxide prevents the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines or messengers, which are cell signaling molecules that trigger inflammation and make a disease worse. It also increases the number of anti-inflammatory cytokines or are cell signaling molecules that reduce inflammation and promote healing. Additionally, Nitric Oxide promotes the creation of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine- “feel good” hormones that produces positive feelings of happiness and relaxation. 

As a result, there is a reduction in inflammation of the amygdala- the part of the brain that is in charge of fear and emotional responses, where an overactive and anxious brain is rebalanced and causes less anxiety in dogs. 


1. Is Calmer Canine safe?

Yes. Calmer Canine is very safe comparing with medications to treat anxiety. The technology is FDA cleared and has been utilized to treat human’s health conditions since the 1970s. Calmer Canine is developed by Assisi Animal Health – the similar technology has been used to treat pain and inflammation in over 50000 animals without reported side effects.

Please make sure your pet is not wearing any electromagnetic devices (e.g. pacemakers) and ensure you keep a distance from the Calmer Canine system if you have implanted devices (e.g. insulin pumps or pacemakers).

When using Calmer Canine, please keep distance from large metal objects (e.g. metal crate or stainless steel table). They may reduce the effectiveness of the device but will not affect the safety.

2. Does the dog feel anything, does it hurt?

No. The device produces no sound, temperature or vibrations. The electromagnetic field is invisible and sensation free. The technology is FDA cleared for treatment in human.

3. What if my dog hates wearing anything on their body?

In that case, you can sit with your dog and hold the device in place above their heads to during treatment. Please find more instructions in the User Manual included. The vest comes together with the Calmer Canine device for convenience, but it is not necessary for the treatment.

4. Does it work only on dog separation anxiety?

Calmer Canine is desgined specially targeting separation anxiety in dogs, but we also see that it helps dogs with other types of anxieties (e.g. thunder phobia, noise sensitivity, travel anxiety, social anxiety) 

5. Can I use this device on more than one dog?

Yes. You can use the Calmer Canine device on multiple dogs. The battery lasts for 4-6 weeks as per the recommended treatment schedule. Battery is replaceable.

6. Can I replace the Calmer Canine with the Assisi Loop?

No. Although both the Calmer Canine and the Assisi Loop use the same technology- tPEMF therapy, the pulse frequency of the tPEMF signal in both products are different.

The Assisi Loop targets pain and inflammation in the joints and soft tissues, whereas the Calmer Canine focuses on controlling anxiety in the brain. Different tissues respond and are affected differently to specific signal frequencies; hence the two devices cannot be interchangeable.

7. Can I use the Calmer Canine on cats?

No. The Calmer Canine tPEMF technology has not been investigated on cats. Calmer Canine is only intended for use on dogs.


Laurie benefits a lot from this device! 4 weeks into treatments, I score my dog from severely anxious to mildly anxious with separation anxiety and noise phobia. After the 4th week, she stopped barking during grooming session and even kissed groomers for the first time in 1.5 years. The wind or thunder does not bother her anymore. She can now sleep through the thunder and she won’t be pacing. Most importantly, the anxiety of not able to get into the kitchen seems to have subsided with no more barking, whining or panting.


Norris is calmer when at home, as well as when he sees other dogs. He is also more chilled with noises and generally a happier dog. Canine Calmer has helped Norris so much with his anxiety after trying many other options.


Seeing less licking of the floor, or anything, and less pacing in and out after bed time after 5 weeks of treatment.

Owner of Mocha