Calmer Canine™ Device + Vest

Calmer Canine™ is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive anxiety treatment device. It is clinically proven to have long lasting relief on Separation Anxiety and also helps with other general anxieties. Developed by the same company of Assisi Loop®, Calmer Canine™ delivers a tPEMF signal that is tuned to reduce the inflammation in an overly anxious brain and to increase the production of “feel-good” hormones such as endorphins.


Calmer Canine

About Calmer Canine™

The safe and effective drug-free anxiety treatment device that helps restore calm to your anxious dog. Clinically proven to be effective for separation anxiety, it also can help with thunder or noise phobia, general stress such as travel, stranger, situational anxiety.

* The tPEMF™ signal in the Assisi Loop and in Calmer Canine differs in some fundamental ways. The tPEMF signal of Calmer Canine has been tuned to be effective in the treatment of anxiety in dogs.

What is Calmer CanineTM:

The Science Behind: 

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

If your dog exhibit some of below behaviours when left alone:

  • Excessive Vocalization (barking, howling, whining)
  • Destructive Behaviour (chewing, breaking, tearing, scratching, biting windows, doors and exits, etc.)
  • Self-Harm (licking and chewing their own toes, paws, hair, legs or tail)
  • Anxious Panting (breathing fast, heavily or loudly)
  • Inappropriate Urination or Defecation (these dogs never have accidents when people are around)
  • Pacing (walking in circles or back and forth across the room in a non-stop manner)
  • Watchful Waiting (standing or sitting by the door, staring out of the window without any resting)
  • Rearranging Behaviour (moving household objects around without destruction)

Some of the behaviors will be more obvious when you are home:

  • Excessive Greetings (overly whining, barking, pawing or even urinating or biting when you return)
  • Shadowing (being hyper alert and insisting on always staying close to you)

It is LIKELY that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.

How to use

The Calmer CanineTM device uses low-level electromagnetic signals to target the fear and anxiety centre in your dog’s brain. The vest holds the device properly above the dog’s head during treatments. You can also use it without the vest by hand over your dog’s head.

For a full treatment cycle, use the device for 2 15-minute-treatments every day for 4 to 6 weeks. Please space 8 to 10 hours apart for each treatment. The device will automatically turn off at the end of the treatment after 15 minutes. You can expect that your pet’s anxiety-related symptoms will be alleviating over time; such as less barking or whining, less pacing, more independence, more resting or playing while leaving alone.

The device uses battery CR123A and is replaceable when flat. 


Laurie benefits a lot from this device! 4 weeks into treatments, I score my dog from severely anxious to mildly anxious with separation anxiety and noise phobia. After the 4th week, she stopped barking during grooming session and even kissed groomers for the first time in 1.5 years. The wind or thunder does not bother her anymore. She can now sleep through the thunder and she won’t be pacing. Most importantly, the anxiety of not able to get into the kitchen seems to have subsided with no more barking, whining or panting.


Norris is calmer when at home, as well as when he sees other dogs. He is also more chilled with noises and generally a happier dog. Canine Calmer has helped Norris so much with his anxiety after trying many other options.


Seeing less licking of the floor, or anything, and less pacing in and out after bed time after 5 weeks of treatment.

Owner of Mocha