Doggles ILS

Doggles, or UV block sun-goggles for your outdoor pooches who can’t resist to play in the sun! Shiny Red, Leopard, Pink Zebra & Green Camo. Contact us to see what we have in your pet’s size.

About Doggles ILS

Doggles ILS are the fashionable protective eyewear designed for dogs. While we love using doggles with specific filter lenses for our pet patients during therapeutic laser treatments, we have sourced these funky design doggles for everyday UV protection purposes. Not only for post-eye surgery protection and doggies who are sensitive to light, but these doggles can keep the eyes of your precious ones safe from dust, dirt and wind during car rides! The UV absorbent dog-goggles help protect eyes from sun damage during swimming and sunbathing as well.

  • 100% UV protection
  • shatter-proof lenses
  • anti-fog lenses
  • Flexible frames allow bending to wrap around your dog’s face
  • Foam padding lined inside of frames to ensure comfort
  • 2 adjustable stretchy elastic straps behind the head and under the chin
  • Put Doggles on your dog’s nose bridge
  • Put strap with the word “Doggles” behind your dog’s head and under ears
  • Put bottom strap under their chin
  • Adjust size to fit with the buckles and straps


To find out the suitable size, measure your dog’s entire head circumference across the eyes around the entire head under the ears. To find out the right chin strap length for your pet, start measuring just under one ear, go under the chin and up to bottom of the other ear.

Frame size8.9cm12.1cm14cm16.2cm
Back Strap13cm - 33cm30cm - 50cm38cm - 60cm46cm - 80cm
Chin Strap8cm - 13cm10cm - 20cm13cm - 28cm15cm to 38cm
Breed example*Chihuahua,
West Highland White Terrier
Border Collie
German Shepherd,
Labrador Retriever

*Breeds vary by size and the above are just for references, please go by the size and weight of your dog. The weight and frame measurement are the most important measurements.


Most dogs will readily accept Doggles after a short adjustment period. Training your dog to wear the goggles can be accomplished in a small amount of time if you follow these easy steps:

  1. Try not to put the Doggles on your dog while indoors. Wearing dark tinted glasses inside may not be the best experience for your dog. They simply can’t see well!
  2. Don't let your dog take off the glasses with their paw or by rolling during the first try on. Take them to the bright sunlight to show they can see with the goggles on. Let your pet walk around to take their mind off the doggles.
  3. Repeat the routine as often as you can. Some dogs get used to the doggles in shorter period of time and some may need more training. Be patient and do not force.