Nutritional support and weight management

Nutritional support and weight management

Nutrition and weight can be difficult to manage in our pets, especially when it gets out of control.

The risks of obesity in pets are well known: heart disease, diabetes, joint arthritis and short lifespan. Usually, pets become overweight by either over-eating or under-exercising or both.

Paws in Motion can offer information and guidance on diet types and amounts to feed which, in association with a fun home exercise programme, will help your pet to reach their full fitness potential again. Our exercise programmes are designed to progress your dog's strength, conditioning and endurance levels. We encourage you to use low calorie treats, fun toys, fitness equipment and pet activity monitors as little or as much as you want to keep motivation for both you and your pet high.

We also carry the high quality and established veterinary-only product lines of Protexin Veterinary and Veterinary Botanicals nutritional supplements exclusively for our clients. These brands have been selected because of their product reputation and research. We are happy to guide you on whether your cat, dog or rabbit needs any supplements to support their health, and if so help to negotiate some of the intricacies of nutritional supplement ingredient lists, quality control and label claims that plague this largely unregulated nutraceutical industry.

Our qualified veterinary team can offer weight management consultations to provide information regarding nutrition, including type of diets, daily calories required and feeding amounts. Our veterinary team will suggest tips and hints to increase weight loss or gain success. Consultations are tailor-made to your pet and their progress.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your pet to help prevent common obesity related problems such as diabetes, heart and joint health. Weight loss consultations provide all the motivation and support you need to help your pet lose weight.

Adding some splash to the summer fun!

Thursday 30th June 2016

As we are bathing in the sunshine and heat, there’s nothing like running into the sea, creating a splash, and enjoying the summer to its fullest. Check out some of the doggie-friendly beaches in Hong Kong and have an adventure with your fur-kids.

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Buster Activity Mat (Starter Set)

BUSTER ActivityMat starter set includes 3 tasks for you to attach to the mat. It allows your doggie to be entertained while staying indoor for occasions like rainy days and rehabilitation. We also sell additional tasks- contact us for more info.

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Therapeutic Exercise

A tailored therapeutic exercise programme is designed by Paws in Motion’s veterinary therapist to be muscle specific and comprehensive to ensure it meets your individual pet’s needs. It is a vital element of rehabilitation.


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