Making muscles to manage hip dysplasia! Goldie puppy Fan Shu builds strength and stability.

When we met Fan Shu as a puppy at 10months of age, he had both severe hip dysplasia and a shoulder injury causing deformity and pain. Luckily, he was adopted and his pet pawrents bought him to us to first help with pain and then create an exercise plan to keep him both comfortable and build him up to be fit for life.

Wednesday 8th March 2023

Fan Shu was a wobbly little thing when we met him. With sore hips due to hip dysplasia (something he was born with) and painful left shoulder due to a poorly healed injury early in life. We all worked hard, including Fan Shu’s extraordinary Mum, who has been conscientious about his training and strength building. The journey was long, initially, but now Fan Shu is a strong fluffy ball of well-placed muscles (butt, shoulders & core) which keep him pain free and fit for any of life’s challenges! His hip stability is excellent, his shoulder has a degenerative condition, but is now stable, we see him every few months to keep on top of things. Fan Shu loves swimming, running and playing with his doggy pals on his Goldie pool and beach parties.

Check out Fan Shu’s swimming style and finesse with those goggles! He really is a sweet potato!

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