How to entertain your pets at home- Safe for senior pets as well!

How to entertain your pets at home- Safe for senior pets as well!

Staying at home does not necessarily mean boredom for you and your furry friends! As experts in pet mobility and rehabilitation, we'd love to share some fun activities you can do with your pets during indoor days.

Tuesday 10th March 2020

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    From Tip 1: Train with low calorie treat- LeanLix®

    Most doggies are motivated to learn a new trick when they have yummy food rewards! This dog here, Laurie, only knew 'give paw' while sitting, but has learnt the new command of shake hand while standing with the help of a Free-range chicken flavoured LeanLix® treat!

    From Tip 2: Use K9 Fitness Poles

    Play and stay fit at home! K9 Fitness Poles (Agility) is a great introduction for your dog which includes many aspects of physical and mental fitness. It is also a fantastic rehabilitation tool for dogs getting back into the business of using their limbs better by encouraging joint range of motion.

    From Tip 3: Use Activity Mat

    BUSTER Activity Mat starter set includes 3 tasks for you to attach to the mat. Each task has various games to train a dog's brain and makes feeding a kind of entertainment and allows your doggie to be entertained while staying indoor for occasions like rainy days and rehabilitation.

    From Tip 4: Use Feliway® Diffuser

    Pheromones are natural chemicals secreted by the cat’s body. When a cat feels safe, it rubs its head (cheeks and face) against objects in your home or your legs, leaving behind facial pheromones. These send messages of security and reassurance within an environment. Feliway® mimics these facial pheromones and will have a calming affect when sprayed or diffused in the home.

    From Tip 5: Upskill and learn pet massage at home

    Whether your pet is fit and athletic, or prone to stiffness due to old age, all dogs enjoy and benefit from relaxing massage to loosen up their muscles every so often. As experts in pet movement and mobility, we designed an online course delivering in Cantonese for you to learn all about the fundamentals and essentials of doggie massage! Be your dog's hero!

    Paws in Motion: Fundamentals and Essentials of Dog Massage teaser


    The science behind tPEMF

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    What is CBD for pets?

    Support your pet’s well-being with daily natural CBD to harmonise and balance health. Broad-spectrum CBD oil helps manage the emotional and behavioural elements in your pet. Reduces inflammation which causes pain and discomfort, improves anxiety and creates a sense of calmness and relaxation.