How Digatherm technology helped us to see Oreo's pain in a different light!

Our great new Digitherm technology allowed us to identify and pinpoint inflammation.

Thursday 21st June 2018

Oreo is an 8-year-old Boston Terrier that is very active and despite her small size, she features the longest tongue of any Boston Terrier that I have ever met!!

Oreo’s 'paw'rents contacted us as she had been lame in her left front leg for some time. She had some swelling at her wrist (carpus) which indicated where the problem was, and we were able to use our Digitherm camera to precisely identify active inflammation in the joint. This prompted us to send her for an Xray with a specialist and Oreo was diagnosed with tendon inflammation and mild osteoarthritis.

We commenced our treatment of her joint and it was fantastic to note Oreo's steady improvements, and even better to be able to visually see the reduction in inflammation with the Digitherm camera as shown in the images below.

The image on the right clearly shows the inflamed left leg before treatment commenced.

After 4 sessions of laser, the inflammation has cleared up.

Playing with Bourbon can lead to back inflammation

While Oreo's left leg was improving, Oreo decided to complicate matters by having a fall whilst being her usual over-active self (playing ball with her brother Bourbon). After her fall it was noted that she was stiff after lying down and unable to use her left back leg very well!

We used the Digitherm camera and the image below shows reduced circulation to the left back leg but also increase inflammation over her back, especially on the right side. Her left back leg joints were comfortable but her back muscles, especially on the right were also painful. We treated Oreo’s lumbar spine and watched her improve over the next few days.

Reduced circulation to the left back leg and also increase inflammation over her back
This second image is during our follow up visit just 2 weeks later.

"Oreo's well that ends well"

Great news for Oreo- she back to managing well with her wrists, showing no lameness and her back is back to normal. We have taught her owners how to use massage, heat packs, supplements and the Assisi Loop to manage her degenerative joint disease. And we’ll be there to support her if she needs us again! We hope it won’t happen, but we know that often despite our best efforts, our pets will have ‘flare-ups’ where their arthritis becomes painful with overuse, weather changes or just progression. Often the joint is painful for a short time and they simply need a repeat course of laser or sometimes a longer term plan.

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