"D" - Disc (椎間盤)

The bony spine is to encase the spinal cord which caries messages from the brain to the body. The discs give it the mobility for the pet to move.

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Unfortunately, sometimes these discs can be squeezed or degenerate and cause pressure on the spinal cord which may cause the pet to be unable to use their legs fully. Physiotherapy is key in neurological recovery.  

脊椎其中一個功能是保護中樞神經系統中的脊髓。 脊椎由多節骨頭及聯繫著它們的椎間盤組成,此賦予了一定的靈活性。 不幸的是,有時這些椎間盤可能被擠壓或退化,並對脊髓造成壓力。這可能導致寵物癱瘓。 物理治療是神經恢復的關鍵。


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Tips: Senior pets and pressure sores- bedding advice

Similar to humans, dogs may develop pressure sores if they lie on their bed or floor for long periods of time, if their mobility is reduced. Pressure sores often develop over bony prominences (the bony points with very thin skin and little fat covering) such as the hips and elbows causing damage to the skin barrier and discomfort.

Dr Jane joins the prestigious new VSMR chapter of ANZCVS

We are delighted to update you that Dr Jane McNae has been invited to join and the newly established Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation chapter of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.