Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with all our pawfriends!

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary with all our pawfriends!

To all our pet patients, pet pawrents, veterinary colleagues and friends for contributing to five fantastic years as Hong Kong’s first dedicated pet physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice.

Wednesday 1st July 2020

It has been a delight to bring this new veterinary medicine discipline of to Hong Kong, nurture it, and watch it grow. It’s time to celebrate all the little warm furrykins (or fur kids) who have touched our lives, at Paws in Motion. As well as helping many pet friends to return to their fitness after injury or surgery; we also have a lot of darling seniors that we support during their later years, months or weeks. While it is always sad to lose a loved one, we are honoured to be able to be a part of their core care team with therapy and hugs, all the way through their lives.

We have enjoyed this journey of sharing our skills, knowledge, expertise and care with you and your pets. You continue to keep us motivated to learn and understand more and share this knowledge with you, to help your pets.

Thank you for being an essential part of our success!
Jane & Paws in Motion team

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Pei Pei's rehabilitation from bilat FHNE (hip surgery)

Pei Pei's rehabilitation from bilat FHNE (hip surgery)

Paws in Motion team is asked to help Pei Pei, the 7 month old Pomeranian, after he had the FHNE surgery on both hips.