Wellness Pet Check

Our veterinary nurses can offer your pet a general wellness health check.

A pet check includes an examination, heart rate, body and muscle condition scores, mobility and dental check. This service is available for cats and dogs of any age but may be of particular benefit to older pets.

Dogs and cats are considered senior when they reach 8 years old.  Heart disease, kidney and thyroid problems and diabetes can develop in our senior animals. For your older pets, the focus of a nurse appointment will be on weight management, nutrition, mobility and common issues relating to aging.  Changes in your pet as they age can be subtle and a veterinary nurse appointment can help identify these earlier and explore any queries you have. We can monitor your pet’s health and advise you if your pet needs to see your family veterinarian.


  • Dental care 
    Periodontal disease is the most common disease affecting dogs and cats.  It causes bad breath and can reduce appetite. Periodontal disease can increase the risk of heart, liver and kidney disease. Our nurses can check your pet’s teeth and mouth.  We can provide advice on dental issues, including oral health and hygiene.
  • Mobility
    Your pets’ mobility may decrease as they age.  The signs can be discrete and subtle, for example, not grooming as well as usual.  Our nurses will observe your pet moving to look for signs of decreased mobility. In association with our physiotherapy team, we can suggest modifications to your home to make it easier for your pet to move around.
  • Dietary advice
    Our qualified veterinary nurses can offer weight management consultations to provide information regarding nutrition, including type of diets, daily calories required and feeding amounts. Our veterinary nurses will suggest tips and hints to increase weight loss or gain success. Consultations are tailor-made to your pet and their progress.


Please note that veterinary nurses are not legally able to diagnose your pet’s condition or prescribe medications.

Wellness Pet Check

Pet Calming Formula™

Pet Calming formula™ for dogs and cats. This certified organic herbal formula helps to calm hyperactivity, tension and anxiousness in dogs and cats alike.

Nursing Support and Patient Monitoring

Nursing Support and Patient Monitoring

When you or your pet needs additional support, our qualified veterinary nursing team are here to offer help and advice with nursing care.  

Manual therapy

Manual therapy

Manual therapy involves a variety of soft tissue techniques such as massage, joint mobilisations and stretching used for both evaluating and treating patients.