Paws in Motion offers a mobile home visit service for Hong Kong clients. We come to your home to treat your pet in their own environment. A home visit is especially important for pets with mobility difficulties.

We offer a variety of services to support the infinite different needs of Hong Kong’s pets. Our veterinary physiotherapy treatment programmes are designed by our experienced veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, Dr Jane McNae.  The initial consultation will include a thorough physical assessment, and in combination with any information provided by your veterinary surgeon, determine which parts of the musculoskeletal system are affected.  We then consider how these impact the pet’s overall function and mobility and devise a physical therapy treatment plan which meets the needs and goals of your individual pet. 

We also provide advice regarding modifications about the home, nutritional support and weight managementassistive devices and tailoring a home exercise programme to your available environment.

Clients and vets who seek our services include those wishing to integrate physiotherapy for a variety of patients: orthopaedic injuries and post-surgical patients, neurologically impaired animalselderly and arthritic petsathletic pets or obese animals.

Aging gracefully and chronic conditions

Massage therapy, heat therapy, acu-laser and electromagnetic field therapy are very therapeutic, especially for our geriatric pets that need that extra care as they age gracefully. 

Canine fitness and conditioning

Canine sports medicine is a rapidly growing field, as we learn the importance of keeping our pets fit and strong to prevent injury. 

Custom cart and brace fitment

Our service is provided to ensure you understand the options available and once a decision is made to help with device fitment. 

Home advice and exercise programmes

A home advice and exercise programme is an essential part of your pet’s recovery to help him/ her successfully meet their goals sooner.

Neurological (spinal) injury rehabilitation

Whether physiotherapy is integrated post-surgery or as an alternative to surgery, all treatments are individually designed to meet each patient’s needs and goals to assist neurological retraining and return of function.

New Family Member Check

We offer veterinary nurse consultations to provide you with all the information you need including nutrition, grooming, basic training, preventative care (including flea, tick and heartworm) and dental care. 

Nursing Support and Patient Monitoring

When you or your pet needs additional support, our qualified veterinary nursing team are here to offer help and advice with nursing care.  

Nutritional support and weight management

The risks of obesity in pets are well known: heart disease, diabetes, joint arthritis and short lifespan.  Usually, pets become overweight by either over-eating or under-exercising or both.

Orthopaedic injury rehabilitation

After any orthopaedic injury or illness, rehabilitation therapy is an integrative part of the recovery process. All treatments are individually designed to meet each patient’s needs and goals to ensure a functional recovery.

Pain management

Whilst your veterinary surgeon will prescribe a variety of medication to alleviate pain; physiotherapy allows us to combine several manual techniques and modalities to modulate pain.

Water therapy referral

We offer our clients referral for pool or underwater treadmill use, as well as open water swimming advice. 

Wellness Pet Check

A pet check includes an examination, heart rate, body and muscle condition scores, mobility and dental check. This service is available for cats and dogs of any age but may be of particular benefit to older pets.