Understanding your Senior dog and their changing needs

One-day Workshop: Feb 23rd 2019

Our hands-on workshop for owners of senior dogs - gain a deeper understanding of the aging process and how to support your best friend.

A one-day workshop presented by veterinary professionals

Hong Kong’s first comprehensive senior pet movement and mobility education workshop for owners

At Paws in Motion, we are experts in helping elderly pets with movement and mobility via physiotherapy, supported with carefully selected exercises and excellent advice. Whether your pet is a fit and athletic adult already in their golden years, or even starting to slow down a little, you probably want to be prepared with some knowledge of the natural aging process and common joint and bone conditions and ways you can help your best friend to maintain their great quality of life.

Earlybird Registration: HK$1888 (before January 31st) 
Standard Registration: HK$2888

Your instructors

Dr Jane McNae

Dr Jane McNae

Meet our Director of Paws in Motion Veterinary Physiotherapy and Founder of Animal Integrated Rehabilitation & Fitness Academy, Dr Jane McNae. A veterinarian for 20 years, she is passionate about pet fitness, well-being, the importance of the human animal bond and brings all of this together by using education to help empower you to be your dog's hero!

Dr Sonya Moeller

Dr Sonya Moeller

Meet our Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Sonya Moeller. Dr Sonya has worked in Hong Kong and Australia and is very experienced in helping owners understand their pets’ condition to be able to make informed decisions on their care. Now she brings this experience to the classroom and continues her passion for keeping all pets active and pain free.

Asko, Paw Star

Asko, Paw Star

Meet our Paw Star- Asko, the German Shepherd! Asko will never say no to a massage! 8 year old Asko has been a member of our Paws in Motion education team for several years. He has helped Dr Jane with training of veterinary nurses at City University (HK) with his guest appearances and clients by way of his most excellent videos. 

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What’s covered in the workshop

Understand the changes in the musculoskeletal (bones, joints, muscles) and neurological (brain and nerves) systems that we see as our pets age. Arthritis and issues with mobility are very common and can be debilitating. 

Learn ways to beat arthritis through hands-on approaches with pain management, home environment changes, mobility support, diet and exercise.

  • 5 hours of talks and practical sessions with our 2 vets

  • Hands-on practical learning with our Paw Star dog, Asko

  • Learn with dog videos and real-life pet examples

  • Worksheets, questionnaires and pet assessment checklists

  • Access to latest information and science made easy

  • Q & A session with our vets for professional and easy-to-follow advice

  • Access to discounts on mobility support products

  • Certificate from Animal Integrated Rehabilitation and Fitness Academy

Curriculum at a glance

Part A: Understanding aging of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems

Topics in this section explain the science of what we know about animals and aging, and help to break down the changes you may see in your pet, into bite-sized pieces for better understanding:  

  • The Natural Aging process
  • How to tell if your pet is in pain?
  • What is Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)?
  • Assessing body condition and Quality of life

Learn about the natural aging process and what to expect as the bones, muscles, joints and brain ages. We review common problems related to the brain and skeleton in senior dogs and also how to identify pain in your pet. Using proven guides and resources, we’ll help you to assess your own pet’s body condition, home environment and quality of life, supporting you with feedback and helpful information to use again later when you need it.

Part B: The many ways to beat dog aging, arthritis and pain

Topics in this section will cover the many ways to manage pain, increase activity and improve your pet's quality of life:

  • Home therapy and care
  • Diets and Supplements
  • Home Adaptations
  • Exercise Plans
  • Supporting equipment for mobility

Degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis is extremely common in adult and senior pets and can be very debilitating. We want to show you that there is soooooo much you can do at home and to keep your doggie active and comfortable. We look at how supplements, weight management and exercise can all positively influence activity and ability.  We delve into the area of mobility support and home modifications to help when necessary. And we explore the different classes of pain medication and veterinary modalities that can be used to bring pain relief when needed, so you know what to chat about with your family vet.

Taster! Get a feel for our course

To get a taste of our course content, take a look at some of our A to Z videos below.

Be in the know! Plan ahead

Be your dog's hero!

There is plenty you can do to help maintain and improve your dog’s quality of life, with some research-based insider knowledge into what to expect. This wellness workshop shows you what and how!! Our movement and mobility focused senior pet course, will have you learning from our vets about the aging process and how you can support your pet during their golden years to keep one step ahead!

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