About Our Services

We offer pet physiotherapy, home nursing and nutrition and fitness services

About our physiotherapy service

Initial consultation

At our physiotherapy initial consultation we perform a thorough physical assessment, and in combination with any information provided by your veterinary surgeon, determine which parts of the musculoskeletal system are affected - both primary problems and any secondary compensation issues. We then consider how these impact the pet’s overall function and mobility.

Treatment plan

Working together with you, we then devise a physical therapy treatment plan which meets the needs and goals of your individual pet. The treatment plan will generally include a variety of manual therapies, modalities (such as laser, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, magnetic field therapy or cold compression), therapeutic exercises and at times advice on assistive devices or nutritional supplements which we can use to make your pet fit for life!

Regular re-assessments

Regular physiotherapy re-assessments are made throughout the treatment period to ensure your pet is progressing well with their rehabilitation and to update any home exercises prescribed to ensure they continue to improve and reach their goals faster. All the way along as we’re continuing with treatment, we stay in touch with your vet and work in conjunction with them to provide the care your pet needs.

Quality care

At Paws in Motion, our veterinary physiotherapy treatment programmes are designed by our experienced veterinarian and certified canine rehabilitation therapist, Dr Jane McNae, and aim to improve the rehabilitation process, encouraging a more rapid return to mobility and enjoyment of life.

Physiotherapy services

Neurological (spinal) injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy is an integrative part of the recovery process after neurological illness or injury.

Orthopaedic injury rehabilitation

After orthopaedic injury or illness, physiotherapy improves patient comfort and recovery, helping them to return to their active lifestyle faster.

Aging gracefully and chronic conditions

We provide services, advice and mobility solutions to help our geriatric pets that need that extra care as they age gracefully.

Custom cart and brace fitment

Our trained staff are there to guide you and assist with measurement, fitting and ongoing used of assistive equipment.

Water therapy referral

We offer our clients referral for pool or underwater treadmill use, as well as open water swimming advice.

Pain management

Physiotherapy allows us to combine several manual techniques and modalities to manage pain alongside your vet's recommendations.

About our nursing service

Wellness pet checks

During our veterinary nurse wellness pet checks and new family member consultations, we complete a general body examination from head to tail, including weight (for smaller patients), body and muscle condition scores, heart rate, coat condition, dental check, urine analysis, blood pressure measurement and pain scoring as required. Our nursing appointments cover all life-stages of your pets, from puppies and kittens to seniors.

Nursing care support

For nursing care support and patient monitoring, we provide support with medicating, administering sub-cutaneous fluids, blood glucose monitoring and blood pressure monitoring. Our experienced nurses can discuss many aspects of your pet’s health and can give you general health advice. We can also help by identifying signs that may require further investigation by your family veterinarian.

Home nursing services

New family member check

Welcoming a new puppy, kitten or older pet is an exciting time. We can provide all the information you need from preventative health care to grooming.

Nursing support and patient monitoring

We offer veterinary nursing care support to you and your pet, whether you need help with subcutaneous fluids or glucose monitoring.

Wellness pet check

Our veterinary nurse pet check includes a general wellness examination, mobility, dental and body and muscle condition score checks.

About our nutrition and fitness service

Weight management consultations

Our qualified veterinary nurses can offer weight management consultations to provide information regarding nutrition, including type of diets, daily calories required and feeding amounts. Our veterinary nurses will suggest tips and hints to increase weight loss or gain success. Consultations are tailor-made to your pet and their progress.

Diet and exercise

Paws in Motion can offer information and guidance on diet types and amounts to feed which, in association with a fun home exercise programme, will help your pet to reach their full fitness potential again. Our exercise programmes are designed to progress your dog's strength, conditioning and endurance levels.

Nutrition and Fitness

Canine fitness and conditioning

We can tailor conditioning programmes to strengthen weak areas and prevent injury, as well as manage it.

Nutrition support and weight management

We can offer information and guidance on diet management (including weight loss) and explain the world of supplements.

Home advice and exercise programmes

Individually designed home advice and exercise programmes are an essential part of your pet’s recovery.